Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Care Package (1st of 2 we can send)

We found out that the agency Jacob is with in Korea allows us to send 2 care packages before he comes home (it is suppose to help with attachment and bonding).  I have just put together our first care package and can't wait for him to get everything we are sending him.  There are rules with the care packages - everything must fit in a gallon sized bag.  We did find out you can fit more in a gallon bag than you think if you try hard enough!  Our care package includes little red jacket, a Thomas the train sweatshirt (his brother picked for him), a soft photo album of his new family, a disposable camera, Spiderman Crocs (his sister picked for him), and a Nuby Funkeys Teething Ring.  Our social worker told me that once his care package arrives we will start to see pictures of him with our care package items (we can't wait to see that - will be so precious)!

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  1. What a special time for your family--picking out items for the care package!! I know you guys are excited--praying for you all daily!